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Gyrotonic exercise is an intelligent body movement method. This method was created and developed by Juliu Horvath as a means to prevent and heal dance related injuries, maintain a healthy and performant body in a highly demanding physical career, as well as to develop his physical capacities. His research and inspiration are based on a large range of techniques including dance, swimming, martial arts, and physiotherapy.  The Gyrotonic technique has continued to evolve for over forty years under his supervision.

Gyrotonic method is a holistic and dynamic method based on circular (gyro), fluid and multidimensional movements using the Gyrotonic machines. This equipment is specifically designed to accompany the students motions in all security while allowing them to take their body to its full movement potential. The movements are designed to reinforce and lengthen the muscles while strengthening the connection tissues and joints without creating compression and also to stimulate the organs. There is a specific focus on spinal flexibility, rhythmic breathing, coordination and stimulation of the nervous system. The machines are equipped with a pulley tower, counterweights and the capacity for full three-dimensional movement, which helps protect the articulations, improve posture, increase coordination and agility and create better body awareness. This is a precise technique, that becomes a real accompaniment to a healthier mental and physical lifestyle and can be used at any age and for many different purposes, anywhere from healing injuries to preparing dancers and athletes for their work or simply as a means to stay fit.  

A technique for everyone

Gyrotonic method can be practiced by high level athletes as an accompaniment to their training (tennis, football, dance, golf…), by musicians with postural complications, people with injuries (hip replacement, hernias, tendinitis, scoliosis…) as well as by people who have never practiced any physical exercise. The technique can be adapted to suit many different kinds of needs including teenagers, pregnant women or even elderly people.  The versatility of the technique allows the teacher to adapt their methods to all kinds of people with different requirements. 

The fluid motions, accompanied by rhythmic and synchronized breathing allow the students to relax both physically and mentally, while gently suppling and strengthening the body, working on the deep muscles while moving from the inside out. Students will find find better coordination and adopt better posture on a daily basis. Progress can both be seen and felt from one class to the next and the technique can progressively become more intense and complex according to the student’s needs.


Rehabilitation and Well-Being

Gyrotonic exercise corrects posture alignment and can relieve all kinds of muscular and articular problems such as; scoliosis, back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, arthritis, hip replacement, hernias, amongst many other problems… Gyrotonic exercise can be practiced on its own or as an accompaniment to physiotherapy or any other medical, holistic or exercise  technique.


Preparation and accompaniment for dancers

The technique was initially created by a dancer for dancers, to work on posture, alignment, strengthening, flexibility, connections but also to treat dance related injuries and even to prevent them. The technique in itself is incredibly beneficial for dancers and there is even a dance-based program designed specifically for dancers to cater to their needs and to work on highly intense variations. Adopted as part of the regular training program for many professional dance companies, including the Paris Opera, dancers all over the world have understood and apply Gyrotonic method to their regular training program.

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