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Natasha is Portuguese and Danish and grew up on over five different continents before ending up in France to complete her studies. She has been teaching Gyrotonic for over 8 years, in French and English. She initially studied opera for 7 years at the Russian Conservatory, Cinema Studies at Paris 7 and Etienne Decroux’s Corporal Dramatic Mime with Ivan Bacchiocchi at the Ateliers de Belleville. 


During her teenage years she was diagnosed with a severe scoliosis. After suffering through more traditional methods such as being put in a back brace for several years she has constantly been on the search for alternative methods to rehabilitate her body through swimming, yoga, dance, physiotherapy and the most revolutionary method for her needs Gyrotonic which really created a difference and became a major part of her life. She trained with and worked for Regula Gadient, a highly certified Gyrotonic Master trainer and physiotherapist in France, after passing her diploma in 2012 for 8 years. 


Natasha has several diplomas in Gyrotonic®: Level 1 and both Level 2 programs, Gyrotonic® for Dancers, Gyrotonic® a Musical sequence, the Gyrotonic® Therapeutic applications for the Pelvic Girdle and the Shoulder Girdle, as well as the specialized equipment  Gyrotonic® Leg Extension Unit. She continues her training in Gyrotonic® as she believes being a teacher is a lifelong learning process and there is yet so much to discover and learn from this inspiring technique. She is also a Vinyasa yoga teacher. 


In 2019 she opened her own studio, Gyrotonic® Voltaire, a studio mainly dedicated to this amazing technique, in the 11th arrondissement in Paris and she hopes to see the Gyrotonic community grow and flourish in the capital as there is still so much space to develop and make this technique known in France. 

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